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Mike (mwester) mwester at
Thu Oct 2 23:47:30 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:

> | Some wiki topics that might help out could include the correct and
> | supported ways to:
> |
> | - read and interpret battery and charging status
> | - power on/off, reset, and initialize the GSM
> | - handle the wifi interface during suspend/resume
> | - deal with USB gadgetfs
> | - correctly signal low-battery to the user
> |
> | etc.
> Sure, ideally the OM distro should be the reference implementation for
> these and it wouldn't hurt to document how they work.

Examples are excellent, but asking someone to decipher the enormous body
of code in the very dynamic Om distro in to figure something out is not
the complete solution -- they'll probably not find it unless they
already know what they're looking for.

We need a wiki page that outlines the mechanism used, even if it is as
simple as "go look at
/source/deep/in/the/directory/structure/pmwidget.cpp for the reference

It would also be nice to outline why that was chosen, to preempt
re-discussion of the same things that might otherwise occur.  Sure,
someone would certainly be able to search the mailing list for
historical discussions, but again, they're not likely to find the right
topic unless they already know what to look for.

Despite our protests to the contrary, source code != documentation!

> | By-the-way, along with this, it would be nice if we also documented the
> | "standard" kernel config that all distros should try to match.  I can
> | understand why there might be divergence in needs in early development,
> | but it sure would be nice if we could all have the same kernel.  Or if I
> What do you have in mind for "documented", over the defconfigs provided
> in the git tree?

I have nothing against the use of the defconfigs in the git repo, except:

$ grep APM_POWER def*
defconfig-2.6.24-maxmodules:# CONFIG_APM_POWER is not set
defconfig-gta01:# CONFIG_APM_POWER is not set

So which is the right way?    :-(

Mike (mwester)

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