[PATCH 1/2] I2C: Convert PCF50606 to I2C device

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Fri Oct 3 14:26:08 CEST 2008

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Jonas Bonn wrote:
>>> -/* We have this purely to capture an early indication that we are coming out
>>> - * of suspend, before our device resume got called; async interrupt service is
>>> - * interested in this.
>>> - */
>>> -
>>> -static int pcf50606_plat_resume(struct platform_device *pdev)
>>> -{
>>> -     /* i2c_get_clientdata(to_i2c_client(&pdev->dev)) returns NULL at this
>>> -      * early resume time so we have to use pcf50606_global
>>> -      */
>>> -     pcf50606_global->suspend_state = PCF50606_SS_RESUMING_BUT_NOT_US_YET;
>>> -
>>> -     return 0;
>>> -}
>> Dunno about 50606 but I think the equivalent was important on 50633
>> resume sequencing.  Did you confirm it suspend / resumes OK still?
> Suspend/resume works but I did confirm that suspend/resume becomes a
> bit buggy with this patch... :)

I would revert the patch temporarily and confirm it is stable without
the patch, the problems might come from elsewhere.

> This is the only bit that does not fit with the transition to a pure
> I2C model.  Any tips on where this should go?

It's all a bit complicated because i2c stuff resumes late after i2c bus.

If we don't have this, the main effect seems that the PMU ISR workqueue
service is deferred a bit longer, I am not sure that is bad any more.
So check and see if problems still come with the patch out and describe
the behaviours a bit more.

- -Andy
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