Can FreeRunner hardware be damaged by setting host mode and then applying power?

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Sat Oct 4 11:11:20 CEST 2008

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Michael Shiloh wrote:
> Redirected from the community list.
> Note that the original poster (OP) understands that setting host mode is
> a two step process, and in his question indicates that both steps have
> in fact been taken.

> i got A-A Female to Female usb connector to couple two cables.
> The wiki pages [1], [2] provide sufficient info on usage, except of one
> thing: if i switch into USB Host mode providing power (*) can i damage
> anything if i forget it like that and replug my fr into my computer?

Hard to answer "can I damage", what I can say is that I ran a GTA02 A5
like that for a while and the boost regulator for host did not get hot
or appear to change its behaviour afterwards.

The regulators generally operate by watching their output and adjusting
what they are doing according to what they see -- if it starts drooping
because we are pulling a lot of power, they start working harder.  In
this case the theory is they see that there is nothing to do because
nice 5V level they wanted is pouring over them anyway, so there is no
real conflict.

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