fyi : [Om2008.8] - No soundcards found.. - "solved" (maybe problem with qi ?)

Andy Green andy at
Wed Oct 8 10:59:17 CEST 2008

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Benedikt Schindler wrote:
> @kernel-list:
> because of the possible qi / u-boot differences, i also posted this mail
> here.

> And then i remebered that i had installed qi.
> So i flashed U-Boot back to the freerunner.
> And now the soundcard was back again.

Thanks for copying it here.

I have seen this I think, I asked Graeme a few days ago exactly how the
i2c device probe is mediated for WM8753 since when I looked I saw some
funny stuff in driver init that seemed basically asynchronous to
anything else.  But he wasn't sure how it was working either.  So I
guess it is some race somewhere.

At the moment I am running andy-tracking which has the device tree
changes, booting from Qi, and the WM8753 is recognized.  It also has the
recent changes from Jonas about I2C registration maybe that affects it.

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