fyi : [Om2008.8] - No soundcards found.. - "solved" (maybe problem with qi ?)

Mark Brown broonie at
Wed Oct 8 12:53:11 CEST 2008

On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 09:59:17AM +0100, Andy Green wrote:

> I have seen this I think, I asked Graeme a few days ago exactly how the
> i2c device probe is mediated for WM8753 since when I looked I saw some
> funny stuff in driver init that seemed basically asynchronous to
> anything else.  But he wasn't sure how it was working either.  So I
> guess it is some race somewhere.

It's not particularly fancy - all that happens is that the I2C driver is
registered late on during the ASoC init so that it comes up at the time
the rest of the ASoC subsystem comes up.  Prior to the changes Jonas
made recently the device was also registered at that time, though it
doesn't make an enormous difference since the driver registration is

This bit of dmesg posted in the original e-mail looks rather relevent,

| SoC version 0.13.1
| Only GTA01 hardware supported by ASoc driver

Looks like the GTA01 driver has been loaded on a GTA02...

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