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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello All,
|    Sorry this might not be the place for me but I was sent here, so here
| I am.
| I've got a FreeRunner that keeps locking up and needs to have its
| battery removed to get it back into a usable state. I'm an embedded C
| programmer of sorts but I've no real experience of the linux kernel. I
| use it in day to day work but the guts of it are a mystery. Anyhow I'd
| like to understand it a bit better, when I grow up, so I wanted to get
| the debug board V3 is available in, and find the reason my FR
| keeps locking up.

Sounds good.

| I've looked at the wiki page:
| but I'm not really sure from looking at that if I can connect the debug
| board to the FR. Can I, and do I have to gunter the phone to do it. IE
| do I have to cut holes in plastics or anything.
| If anybody has any advice please let me know.

You have to pop the front plastic part of the case so the front of the
device is looking Terminator style, it means that you can't use the
earpiece then like this because that is part of the front plastic.

On the top right just above the LCM is a small SMT connector you can
connect the debug cable to via a flexible cable that should come with
it.  You will be able to remove the cable again OK and put it all back
together, but take care about the flexible cable, it is fragile.

- -Andy

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