Using the debug board on FreeRunner

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Wed Oct 8 16:17:45 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hello All,
> |    Sorry this might not be the place for me but I was sent here, so 
> here
> | I am.
> |
> | I've got a FreeRunner that keeps locking up and needs to have its
> | battery removed to get it back into a usable state. I'm an embedded C
> | programmer of sorts but I've no real experience of the linux kernel. I
> | use it in day to day work but the guts of it are a mystery. Anyhow I'd
> | like to understand it a bit better, when I grow up, so I wanted to get
> | the debug board V3 is available in, and find the reason 
> my FR
> | keeps locking up.
> Sounds good.
> | I've looked at the wiki page:
> |
> | but I'm not really sure from looking at that if I can connect the debug
> | board to the FR. Can I, and do I have to gunter the phone to do it. IE
> | do I have to cut holes in plastics or anything.
> |
> | If anybody has any advice please let me know.
> You have to pop the front plastic part of the case so the front of the
> device is looking Terminator style, it means that you can't use the
> earpiece then like this because that is part of the front plastic.
> On the top right just above the LCM is a small SMT connector you can
> connect the debug cable to via a flexible cable that should come with
> it.  You will be able to remove the cable again OK and put it all back
> together, but take care about the flexible cable, it is fragile.
> - -Andy
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Thanks a million for the help Andy. Hopefully the next time you hear 
from me I'll have something constructive to offer. Don't hold your 
breadth though.

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