[PATCH] export-sysfs-of-debounce-time-of-ONKEY.patch

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Wed Oct 8 21:09:44 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Werner Almesberger wrote:
>> Reading back the GPIO in the last moment and aborting the suspend by
>> software would still leave a small race condition. We should consider
> It would be very small indeed, but it's more the code is going to look
> pretty ugly, and the level thing will be a better solution.
>> Holger is investigating trying the level-triggered interrupt now.
> Great, although if we have much more of a party in pcf50633.c someone
> will call the police.

Any comments on how applicable this might be to the GTA01?  If
necessary, I'll go have a very small party over in pcf50606.c (you're
all welcome, of course!)

Mike (mwester)

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