[Stable] Unable to compile GTA02 kernel without CONFIG_MACH_NEO1973_GTA01 set

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Sat Oct 11 06:03:14 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> It seems some other folks are interested to take care about making sure
>> we are clean for config variations, I'll leave this to them.
> Sounds like a good plan. Since Nelson should soon become the one who
> will find config conflicts long before anyone else would, I think it
> would be good if he could assume the role of "config czar" for a while,
> and not only report but also try to fix those conflicts. That should
> also make his work a bit more entertaining :-)
> Long-term, I would expect that as soon as the random config checker
> works well, it will pretty quickly find all the config bugs we have,
> and thus eliminate most of its work. Since we'll still introduce new
> issues from time to time, this would then become something for our QA
> department to take care of, so ownership of that testing utility would
> then get transferred to them, and the temporary role of the "config
> czar" wouldn't be needed anymore.

Am I the only one who thinks that Openmoko should be concentrating on
getting a *single* kernel configuration stable and working flawlessly
under all circumstances before worrying about sophisticated tools for
automatically testing random kernel configuration variations?

C'mon guys!  Focus on things which will actually make a difference to
the experience your customers currently have with your products.

How about getting someone to focus on gathering up mwester's kernel
configuration and patches (which seem to be the kernel of choice for
Qtopia, and are also used by many other people) and get them
*integrated* into a single openmoko kernel configuration.  Then perhaps
you can move closer to the goal of a single openmoko kernel that *all*
distros use, rather than the current state of two or more different
kernels used by various distributions.  Make it so that nobody *needs*
to use a different kernel for any reason.

And who knows, once that's done, maybe you can use that as a stable base
for a single openmoko distribution instead of the 8 or 10 that there are
currently ...

-- Rod

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