[Stable] Unable to compile GTA02 kernel without CONFIG_MACH_NEO1973_GTA01 set

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sat Oct 11 11:59:25 CEST 2008

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Rod Whitby wrote:

> Am I the only one who thinks that Openmoko should be concentrating on
> getting a *single* kernel configuration stable and working flawlessly
> under all circumstances before worrying about sophisticated tools for
> automatically testing random kernel configuration variations?

Nope, as I have written I agree it is noncritical and not a good thing
to stick a new guy on.  We should compile without GTA01 enabled though,
and we will when I rebase the patch for it.

Politically getting kernel bits upstream has such mindshare at the
moment that it is eclipsing everything else.

> C'mon guys!  Focus on things which will actually make a difference to
> the experience your customers currently have with your products.
> How about getting someone to focus on gathering up mwester's kernel
> configuration and patches (which seem to be the kernel of choice for
> Qtopia, and are also used by many other people) and get them
> *integrated* into a single openmoko kernel configuration.  Then perhaps

Maybe mwester can post them here?  I mean I can go and fetch them and
post them here and integrate them if not, but it feels a bit strange.

> you can move closer to the goal of a single openmoko kernel that *all*
> distros use, rather than the current state of two or more different
> kernels used by various distributions.  Make it so that nobody *needs*
> to use a different kernel for any reason.
> And who knows, once that's done, maybe you can use that as a stable base
> for a single openmoko distribution instead of the 8 or 10 that there are
> currently ...
> Flabbergasted,

That's nothing to do with the kernel, in fact I love the uncontrolled
distro variety.  Expecting "Openmoko Windows XP" is misguided, Debian is
a really healthy sign for the product and for us.  But, I agree with
your other points, we should aim to have such a good kernel there's no
need to consider others except for development of special features.

- -Andy
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