[UPSTREAM] Use new regulator API for pcf50633

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sun Oct 12 20:12:36 CEST 2008

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Balaji Rao wrote:
> Hi,
> As Mark had pointed out, I have changed the pcf50633 regulator driver to
> use the new regulator API.
> But I haven't been able to convert existing users of pcf50633_voltage_set
> to use the regulator API. The ordering of initialization seems to cause
> problems when the regulator appears after the device does. I
> get a "can't get regulator xxxx" message, followed by a OOPS.
> What can be done here ?

andy-tracking changes about device tree reordering will fix this.  I
will shortly move that patchset into stable-tracking.  It's worth
looking at mach-gta02.c on that branch


you can see that we now only create a lot of devices as children of the
PMU only at the end of PMU probe.  This resolves all of these races.

> This change in API also removed the flexibility of defining constraints
> and consumer-supply relationships at different places. For the glamo-mci
> device, which uses needs a regulator, the platform_device is
> available in glamo-core.c. Hence this does not allow us to define the
> corresponding regulator_init_data in mach-gta02.c. The only solution I
> see is to move the glamo-mci platform device into mach-gta02.c. Mark,
> can you please suggest me something ?

Currently we solve this problem by piggybacking engine-specific platform
data into struct glamofb_platform_data.  You will see there MCI-specific
entries like .glamo_set_mci_power callback.  For now I would just
piggyback on that and the regulator init data there, glamo mci driver
knows how to get at it in probe().

- -Andy
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