[PATCH 0/2] Get stable-tracking compiling again

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Wed Oct 15 18:17:33 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| BTW, there appear to be two issues in stable-tracking:
| - seems that NAND SW ECC calculation has changed and thus spews out
|   tons of CRC errors. Not sure if it's now the same as HW ECC.
|   For anyone who wants a quick and dirty work-around, just turning
|   of ECCs may help:

This has been the case for some weeks, it is either a real change or
some interaction with the the ecc stuff mangled by rebasing.  Is it
possible Holger's hw ecc stuff is getting enabled wrongly somehow?

|   I also removed CRC calculation on read, which should speed up
|   things a little, which is always nice during development.
|   Warning: because it hasn't eaten my system yet doesn't mean that
|   it won't eat yours.
| - did the GTA01 defconfig become a collateral victim of the recent
|   purge ?

If we're not making packages, we don't need the defconfigs in the top
level yet.  I have an idea for forming them from merging the existing
ones that generate modules with the "moredriver" defconfig that exists
for the given patchlevel down arch/arm/configs so hopefuly that will get
us most of the way without breakage by the time we need it.

So far we never had a development defconfig for GTA01.  But soon, we are
going to have to create and maintain also a GTA03 one and hopefully more
in the future, I think something smarter than just diddling them each by
hand will be needed.

- -Andy
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