[PATCH 0/2] Get stable-tracking compiling again

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Oct 15 18:38:27 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> This has been the case for some weeks, it is either a real change or
> some interaction with the the ecc stuff mangled by rebasing.  Is it
> possible Holger's hw ecc stuff is getting enabled wrongly somehow?

My suspicion is the new subpage read code. Very little else seems
to have changed.

> If we're not making packages, we don't need the defconfigs in the top
> level yet.

Hmm, I mean in arch/arm/configs/  Are we talking about the same
location ?

> So far we never had a development defconfig for GTA01.  But soon, we are
> going to have to create and maintain also a GTA03 one and hopefully more
> in the future, I think something smarter than just diddling them each by
> hand will be needed.

Perhaps a "master config" and then a script that sets or deletes
config options ? I made a primitive option editor for kboot

- Werner
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# edit-config - Properly change the content of a .config file
# Written 2006 by Werner Almesberger

sub usage
    print STDERR "usage: $0 file [+]CONFIG_...=... ...\n\n";
    print STDERR "  +  adds the option only if it is not already set\n";

$file = shift @ARGV;
&usage unless defined $file;
&usage if grep { $_ !~ /^\+?\S+=\S+$/; } @ARGV;

open(FILE,$file) || die "$file: $!";
@file = <FILE>;
close FILE;

foreach (@ARGV) {
    $name = $2;
    $set = "$2=$'";
    if ($1 eq "") {
	map { $_ = undef if /^(#\s*$name\s+|$name=)/; } @file;
    else {
	next if grep { /^(#\s*$name\s+|$name=)/ } @file;

open(FILE,">$file.tmp") || die "$file.tmp: $!";
print FILE join("", at file) || die "$file.tmp: $!";
close FILE || die "$file.tmp: $!";

rename("$file.tmp",$file) || die "rename $file.tmp $file: $!";

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