Android sources released - patches soon

Andy Green andy at
Wed Oct 22 00:04:59 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| There are only a few people that have known this, but I have been
| working with the Android code base for some time and have had it running
| first on a GTA01, and then later on GTA02 hardware. Now that the Android
| code base has been open sourced, I will be releasing patches to Android
| in order to use it with GTA02 hardware. GTA01 support has become
| decrepit and will need some work.
| I find the experience of Android on a GTA02 quite pleasant even though
| there is some work to be done. The most notable issue is suspend/resume.
| Hopefully, we can get more people to contribute to it now.

This is fantastic news, now we will be able to see your work Sean.

All hail the wonders of FOSS!

- -Andy

PS: Now it can be told this is the reason for wanting to standardize on
0-255 brightness on backlight...
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