Openmoko kernel change process (Was: [UPSTREAM] Move backlight handling out of pcf50633 driver)

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Wed Oct 22 05:58:56 CEST 2008

Sean McNeil wrote:
> I like the change, but I really would prefer peace with the other
> developers. It essentially eliminates a bandaid change in Android (which
> needs some rework as it assumes max 255 in several places). Doing it in
> the kernel is much, much cleaner.

Good.  As long as we all clearly understand that the root cause of the
entire online argument was that you chose to withhold vital information,
and that instead you (and Openmoko) attempted to defend a technically
indefensible position!  I argued that it shouldn't be changed because it
might break user space applications and tools.  As it turns out, you
_have_ broken user space applications and tools that need to be
accomodated.  You're bigger - you win.  Simple and easy, when one
understands that the facts have nothing to do with technical
correctness!  :-)

Keep the change - let's have some peace.  viva Google!

Mike (mwester)

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