Openmoko kernel git branch request for Android patched kernel.

Andy Green andy at
Thu Oct 23 00:14:03 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| All,
| In order to facilitate public distribution of an Android patched kernel,
| I would like to ask for a git branch that would track stable but include
| the Android patches. Alternatively, since the patches apply relatively
| cleanly against stable branch, perhaps they could be included in the
| stable branch. In either case, I am willing to be the person to either
| manage the new branch, or add the patches to an existing branch.
| Please let me know the best way to proceed.

Hi -

Apparently the patchset needed on the kernel for Android operation is
pretty light, rather than deal with yet another branch (there are more
branches coming anyway for other things) the strategy would just be
accept normal patches against one of the existing branches like stable
or maybe stable-tracking.

I guess you read already from my side on the list I believe getting as
easy and decent operation with Android in our stock kernels as we can is

Sean McNeil has some stuff coming, if you have some stuff too please
post them here are we will use the best bits of whatever comes from
whereever according to our normal open review.  I know Sean is in the
middle of moving at the moment so turnaround might not be super rapid to
start, since he has actually run it (too?) we definitely also need his
input on what we are doing.

- -Andy
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