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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Thanks for the info, very useful. On the first theory, would
| underclocking the processor in u-boot (through the pll speed command),
| help ? (Or give another data point?) I assume uboot adjusts the serial
| timings when the plls are changed (?).  I think the real cause is

Yes.  I've seen this kind of thing when the baud rate divisor was off by
one (for a reasonably large divisor), the error was large but often good
enough to scrape by.  But you'd think more GTA01 users would experience it.

| probably the latter, are you suggesting that the (cheap) cable is the
| fail point or that the SMT connector in the (expensive) phone is the
| problem? Assuming it is the cable, do you know if OpenMoko supplies
| replacement cables?

It'd be the cable not the connector in this case... the flat cables just
have a limited lifetime -- OK for casual use I guess -- but they suck
for constant moving around and hammering.  Changing to something better
would really mean "internal debug board" on the 'phone and that isn't
understood by enough people here as important enough to cover the PCB
area it needs and cost vs the flat cable.

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