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hjj hongjiujing at
Sun Oct 26 09:08:29 CET 2008

 Hi,every one ,i am a openmoko fans!I have modify GTA01's kernel to 800x480 resolution in Qemu!
 Here i met a question!
openmoko-linux 2.6.24-svn---> /arch/arm/mach-s3c2410/om-gta01.c
 i modify 640x480--->800x480
and add 800x480 to Xserver,screen have run in 800x480 screen!
question is that i have a game emulation program "Gngeo",i want to let "gngeo" work in 400x240 resolution,how can i do ?Change frambuffer driver or other way ?help me ,every one !thanks first!if can't ,i can only do it by Xserver!

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