Garbled serial line

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Wed Oct 29 02:06:24 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I connected my debug board to my GTA01 after not using it for three
| month and also got a lot of interesting stuff on the serial port. JTAG
| works OK and after some insert/remove operations of the plastic cable
| I started to _receive_ correct serial data most of the time, but
| nothing is ever sent. If I set u-boot to serial console, I see the
| prompt but nothing happen when I type...

Same kind of thing happened to me, the serial signals are up at one end
of the connector, close inspection of the gold flashed end of the cable
that goes in the GTA02 showed it had a hairline crack at the end.  After
some time struggling on clamping the connector with a bulldog clip it
finally completely tore.  This is why I don't like the flat cable solution.

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