Measurements: Massive Display-related power savings

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Wed Oct 29 06:39:10 CET 2008

Klaus Kurzmann ha scritto:
> I can unblank it fine from deep-standby, if I do it within the first
> minute after entering deep-standby... Afterwards I get a WSoD. Same with
> resume - I could resume fine within the first minute after suspend, but
> not afterwards... 
> Mok

This is the exact behaviour that me and some other friends of mine are
having. I'm not a kernel dev so i don't know if this idea is mad due to
a lot of things or it can be done, but, why we can't simply reset glamo
and lcd controller? I've noticed that when i boot my FR or when i reboot
it the screen is white (oh it remember me something :D) for just a
second, just before the kernel starts it's output, so may be that the
screen/glamo situation is the same, but then the kernel (i think the
kernel) do a screen/glamo initialization and the FR start (nothing
strange, it's the normal behaviour), so why can't we (you) re-initialize
the glamo/screen just after the resume?

resume -> glamo/screen reset -> a lot of stuff after resume

is this possible?
Ok, not a solution because some clock cicle are spent in this sequence
that should work, but it will at least let us use the FR as a daily
phone with a good battery life.



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