Qi multi-boot: will it be supported?

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Fri Oct 31 17:36:30 CET 2008

Hello, actually I'm generally turning on my phone trough an uBoot that
I've configured to support booting from about 4 different distro using
one uSD ext2 partition for all the kernels (named like
"uImage-<distro>.bin") and 4 ext2 partitions for all the distros
installed (Om2008, FSO, Debian, Qt Extended...).
Also if I generally use the first one, I'd like to keep the ability of
booting in a such way other distros using Qi too.

If I've not read(/remember) wrong, Qi actually supports just booting
from flash and from uSD (keeping the default way: one partition for
kernel, another for the rootfs), but will it ever support a multi-boot
like the uBoot does (with a configurable menu)?


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