git clone not working.

Andy Green andy at
Thu Sep 4 04:11:14 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Looks like we lost almost all the branches. We only have these ones
| left: andy debug master stable

It's OK I have them all and will push them back up, I just stuck the
critical ones back until now.

| Unfortunately, the reflog seems to be deleted together with the
| corresponding ref; I'll probably make later a patch to git to avoid
| that. I have a copy of all of them (as of a few days ago, but IIRC only
| stable and andy has changed in the past few days) in the "origin" remote
| of my cpufreq repository:
| cesarb at delta:~/work/openmoko/cpufreq/linux-2.6-s3c2410-cpufreq$
| PATH=~/opt/git/bin:$PATH git ls-remote . remotes/origin/*
| bce7f793daec3e65ec5c5705d2457b81fe7b5725        refs/remotes/origin/2.6.26
| 796aadeb1b2db9b5d463946766c5bbfd7717158c        refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
| dd323382faf5c169960659d5d78337f06b3ea222        refs/remotes/origin/andy
| e72b7a04a72c699a93040065c6353376da3b4f24 refs/remotes/origin/andy-tracking
| 2ceaa014cb53a4cd4c75d889bf2feee214c1426b        refs/remotes/origin/debug
| 43999fa462d86a468d4778c0e2a5ea155d452419
| 796aadeb1b2db9b5d463946766c5bbfd7717158c        refs/remotes/origin/master
| ce8eaeee7875e668be4c2888fa05a61a5af0dd98 refs/remotes/origin/mokopatches
| 38801452b334d3591eddadbfa4a31529b8957513
| refs/remotes/origin/mokopatches-2.6.26
| a819ba15d0390b4bb3671e49b4ec9e3703681c6a
| refs/remotes/origin/mokopatches-tracking
| d744c88c149269b95ec068c8615e492375415d6d        refs/remotes/origin/stable
| 557b4763b753b1620e922864555a4abf851372ba refs/remotes/origin/stable-2.6.26
| 303ff417ef62753985b231031b69a48c34911669
| refs/remotes/origin/stable-tracking
| e87e44f23b889b529107d508e5d52a5b88f1eb51        refs/remotes/origin/willie
| fa269b44512a03523b164c3cebc20312748c524b        refs/remotes/origin/zecke
| c634ff11e8c5e087d784219698bea29abbc1697a refs/remotes/origin/zecke-2.6.26

I just moved that dir out of the way rather than really deleted it so I
have all these guys still.

What do you recommend, just cp them back to these dirs from the busted
repo image?

- -Andy
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