Openmoko Bug #1250: No Wifi in Managed Mode

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#1250: No Wifi in Managed Mode
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Comment(by werner):

 I had a quick look in my books about those preambles. Here's what
 I found:

 - the preamble can be long or short. New equipment, particularly .11g,
   supports short preambles.
 - the AP should signal if short preambles are okay
 - if a station tries to use short preambles but the AP doesn't support
   them, you get that error 19

 Now, this raises a few questions:

 1) why does the AP not support short preambles ? They're good for
    performance, so one shouldn't suppress them needlessly.
 2) does it signal that they're not supported and the Atheros stack or
    firmware ignores that ? Or does the AP fail to signal this ?
 3) Can we make the AR6k not try to use them ?

 The answer to 2) may be in the logs. Haven't looked at them yet.
 The answer to 1) is Mickey's problem :-)
 Perhaps I can help with 3):

 svn co
 cd wmiconfig
 make CC=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-gcc
 scp wmiconfig neo:
 ssh neo ./wmiconfig -i eth0 --setlongpreamble 1

 Does this help ? By the way, thanks to Marek ! Your hunch about wmiconfig
 may have been right.

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