Implementing Bluetooth SIM Access Profile (SAP) on OpenMoko

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Tue Sep 9 22:54:43 CEST 2008


On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 12:25, Onur Cinar wrote:
> I went through the gsmd,

gsmd is not longer used by Openmoko. You best bet would be ogsmd by

> and the kernel source code, but I wasn't able to
> find the right place to intercept and re-route the communication between the
> GSM radio and the SIM card.

Not possible. Linux kernel and GSM stack are running on two separated CPUs.
Arm based samsung SoC for the linux kernel and TI Calypso for the GSM side. The
only communication between these two are a serial line where AT commands are

> I just wanted to ask if this is something
> possible on OpenMoko pragmatically.  Based on the documents on wiki, it
> looks like the GSM radio has direct connection with the SIM card, and the
> kernel is not involved. Is there anyway I can change that from the kernel?

AFAIK SAP is only possible if the bluetooth stack runs on the same CPU as the
GSM stack and has direct access to the SIM card. That is not the case on the Neo
1973 and the Neo Freerunner.

As long as you don't know a way to export the SIM informations you need for your
SAP server over plain AT commands I see no way to make this possible.

Stefan Schmidt

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