Implementing Bluetooth SIM Access Profile (SAP) on OpenMoko

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Wed Sep 10 00:49:46 CEST 2008


On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 15:25, Onur Cinar wrote:
> I definitely appreciate for all your help. I will now start communicating
> with TI for licensing, and also to find out how much customization they will
> allow us to do, and how much of them I can contribute back to the OpenMoko
> community.

Good luck. Hope you have some good contacts there. :)

Just one more point ot keep in mind: Calypso is end of life.

But in the end it all the informations you get depends on your cantacts and
perhaps business relations you have with TI.

As you might have read between the lines, I find the SAP pretty interesting but
I don't see any resources inside OM for it. It's nice to see a company
interested in it steps up and tries to work with us together on this. That's the
spirit. :)

> I will keep you and the kernel list informed when we make some achievement
> on the device.

Great. Responses can be slow due to an 4 weeks vacations starting soon. :)

Stefan Schmidt

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