Openmoko Bug #1862: stop boot

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Sun Sep 14 09:04:17 CEST 2008

#1862: stop boot
    Reporter:  therippo         |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
        Type:  defect           |       Status:  new            
    Priority:  high             |    Milestone:  Om2008.9       
   Component:  System Software  |      Version:  GTA02v6        
    Severity:  critical         |   Resolution:                 
    Keywords:  boot freeze      |    Blockedby:                 
Reproducible:                   |     Blocking:                 

Comment(by therippo):

 Apologies for late response.
 Contacted dealer who suggests to charge OM when turned on, cuz instead
 would not be loaded....
 By suggestion fully updated the unit using which in
 general much better, but remain very high my concerns about proper charge
 of battery, lasting of the unit, because, without placing any phone calls,
 just having casually sent or received a couple of SMS per test, bluetooth
 disabled, WIFI disabled, the OM lasts, at best, 6-6:30 hours just in

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