Openmoko Bug #2008: Suspend exceptions: Do not suspend when certain apps are running

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Tue Sep 16 09:55:58 CEST 2008

#2008: Suspend exceptions: Do not suspend when certain apps are running
 Reporter:  Benih            |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel  
     Type:  enhancement      |         Status:  new              
 Priority:  normal           |      Milestone:                   
Component:  System Software  |        Version:  Om2008.8         
 Severity:  minor            |       Keywords:  suspend exception
Blockedby:                   |   Reproducible:                   
 Blocking:                   |  
 I think it would be useful if the phone would not go into suspend if some
 (user definable) applications are running.

 This could be achieved by the suspender looking into some
 /etc/suspend.deny file in which process names (or even better regular
 expressions) are listed. If the suspend-timer (that one that is already
 configurable via the "settings" application) then reaches zero, instead of
 just going to suspend, it would instead look into /etc/suspend.deny and
 see if one of the regular expressions match the current process table. If
 so, it does nothing and waits for some period (5 seconds? or the suspend
 timeout the user defined already in his configuration) to do the check
 If then no match occurs, it goes to suspend, this would be the case if the
 process stops to run.
 If the user interacts with the phone, the timer will start over again

 This will be useful in certain situations like GPS-tracking with tangoGPS
 since the user does not need to disable suspend for that cases. It will go
 The easy sytax of /etc/suspend.deny will enable the average user to adjust
 his needs easily. For users not used to the command line, easy editors
 could be written. Since it is an easy file format, the file could even be
 modified by install scripts (opkg of tangogps for example) that want to
 add such an suspend exception.

 Please also note ticket #1793, which wants to add a suspend exception if
 the device is powered by USB. Maybe that enhancement could be implemented
 with /etc/suspend.deny as well.

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