State of the OpenMoko wlan driver

Tore Martin Hagen thagen at
Thu Sep 18 12:08:55 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hello,
> |
> | we are planning to use openmokos for meshnet experiments (OLSR for
> example)
> | and I have a few questions about the capabilities of the OpenMoko wlan
> | driver.
> |
> | a) I heared the driver supports adhoc interfaces, is this correct ?
> I also heard it is supported, I do not know status of it.
It is supported and it works. I have used it several times.

But I had problems to change between ESSIDs (and even reconnect if the 
other peer had rebooted)

I was only able to connect one time after a reboot (So I had to do a lot 
of reboots).


> AR6001 is fullmac device, so there is a big chunk of closed firmware
> between us and the hardware that regulates what we can do with it.
> | b) If yes, does the driver support promiscuous mode (can I hear adhoc
> packets
> | send between two other devices in range) ?
> |
> | c) Does the driver support monitor mode with radiotap header or is there
> | another way to get the signal strength of other wlan adhoc stations in
> | range ?
> AIUI there is no monitor mode support, and that's down to the closed
> firmware.  There has been no update of AR6001 firmware since before
> production and Atheros keep the firmware update utility private, so I
> would not hold your breath.
> What IFF_PROMISC gets you in adhoc context I don't know either, but
> unless it passes it to the firmware the answer would be "your own
> traffic" I guess.
> - -Andy
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