State of the OpenMoko wlan driver

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
| Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| | Hello,
| |
| | we are planning to use openmokos for meshnet experiments (OLSR for
| example)
| | and I have a few questions about the capabilities of the OpenMoko wlan
| | driver.
| |
| | a) I heared the driver supports adhoc interfaces, is this correct ?
| I also heard it is supported, I do not know status of it.
|> It is supported and it works. I have used it several times.
|> But I had problems to change between ESSIDs (and even reconnect if the
|> other peer had rebooted)
|> I was only able to connect one time after a reboot (So I had to do a lot
|> of reboots).

Sounds pretty encouraging.

I proposed to push WLAN driver into modules a couple of weeks ago, here
and on devel; it's something we need to do for a few reasons including
being able to turn off WLAN better and have it recognized again when we
turn it on.

But it needs userspace world coordination, enhancing ifup and ifdown or
whatever it is we use so they modprobe and modprobe -r, and control
power through /sys.

Nobody replied from userspace side.

In this case, it means that instead of reboot, you can presumably ifdown
/ ifup and be able to connect again.

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