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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
| [snip]
|> | c) Does the driver support monitor mode with radiotap header or is
|> | another way to get the signal strength of other wlan adhoc stations in
|> | range ?
|> AIUI there is no monitor mode support, and that's down to the closed
|> firmware.  There has been no update of AR6001 firmware since before
|> production and Atheros keep the firmware update utility private, so I
|> would not hold your breath.
| I was digging into this because it irked me [1], and saw a glimmer or
| two of hope.  First, I found this:


| And also, would it be worth our while to fire this off to Luis and Pavel
| at Atheros?  They're the lead guys on ath9k, they might be able to gin
| up some help, or at meast point us in the right direction.

AUI the official situation from Atheros is there isn't any Monitor Mode
in the firmware, I know other folks in OM are talking to Atheros and
maybe they can make a nice surprise.

But personally, I expect what we got is what we got on GTA02 and if you
want monitor mode the "solution" is stick zd1211-based USB stick in
there.  Super happy to be proved wrong though!

- -Andy

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