State of the OpenMoko wlan driver

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Sep 18 20:13:43 CEST 2008

Tore Martin Hagen wrote:
> But I had problems to change between ESSIDs (and even reconnect if the  
> other peer had rebooted)
> I was only able to connect one time after a reboot (So I had to do a lot  
> of reboots).

Perhaps a bit more patience might have helped :-)

While playing with WEP, we discovered that key changes would only
become effective after somewhere between 30 and 80 seconds. (There
are a number of hidden variables, some of them in the AR6k firmware,
affecting how long exactly this takes.)

Worse yet, if you try to send anything, including DHCP, during that
interval, the interval gets restarted. E.g., I let DHCP just keep
on trying after a key change, and it still hadn't obtained a lease
two hours later. Once I stopped it and gave the WLAN a bit of rest,
it succeeded on the first try.

So if you experience this kind of problems, please try just stopping
all traffic and wait a bit.

I looked through the options that can be set with wmiconfig, but
didn't spot anything that looked like a knob that would obviously
affect that timeout.

- Werner

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