State of the OpenMoko wlan driver

Henning Rogge rogge at
Fri Sep 19 08:12:06 CEST 2008

Am Freitag 19 September 2008 05:19:40 schrieb Vitaly Luban:
> IIRC, TCMD requires a special version of firmware to be loaded. It is
> designed for standards and regulatory compliance testing and not for
> general use.
> As for RSSI metrics, background scan (which is a must for roaming/mobile)
> returns a pretty decent measurement. See 'wmiconfig', I believe it's
> present among utilities on GTA02.
Thank you for this informations.

So the final result is that Openmoko has no promisc/monitor mode, but we could 
do a signal strength based routing by triggering a background scan once every 
few seconds.

I really hope the GTA03+ will have a better wlan chip.


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