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Hi Vitaly and Yoseph -

(apologies for the dupe, somehow Thunderbird is infected with
kernel at address)

Following the advice about rediscovery of SDIO WLAN device after power
cycle, I made a local development branch with WLAN stuff as modules.

This was not quite as simple as it sounds, because there were some
bleeding stumps from the SDIO stuff into the PNP stuff, which has to
live in monolithic kernel.  So I added the necessary exports to the PNP
stuff (see attached patch) and it compiled OK.  But it seems a sign I am
~ entering into new territory.

s3c24xx_hcd in particular remains in the monolithic kernel because it
has platform defintions.  So,

# modprobe ar6000

gets me

# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
ar6000                128700  0
sdio_busdriver         41768  1 ar6000
sdio_lib                7560  2 ar6000,sdio_busdriver

but the only footprint in dmesg is

[  445.520000] pnp: the driver 'sdio_wlan' has been registered

In particular, I add a printk() to s3c24xx_hcd_pnp_probe(), and I see it
is never called during initial boot or subsequently.

Do you guys have any advice about how to provoke the PNP probe, or if
the way of coming at it needs some adjustment?

- -Andy
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