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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Rest of the exports in there are merely EXPORT_SYMBOL(), I don't think
|> they will care on those grounds otherwise they would have done the _GPL
|> thing on the rest of it.
| Don't bet on that. Please submit them as _GPL in the patches and request
| the actual author of that code changes it to straight EXPORT_SYMBOL.

Currently I don't plan to submit it anywhere, even on our tree.  It's
attached to explain to Atheros why one can't use their driver as a
module (and why I think we will be the first).  Without it working as a
module the whole effort will get thrown away anyway.

Point taken about what is appropriate vs the author.  Is there actually
any copyright level issue there or this is courtesy?  Since it's GPL
code EXPORT_SYMBOL would seem to be a legitimate thing to add to it
locally; certainly they themselves are using it.  I mean it as a
separate issue from getting it accepted upstream (and a theoretical one
since I will take your advice).

Thanks for your other hint, I go look at it now.

- -Andy
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