Openmoko Bug #2024: OM 2008.9 messages frozen afer x hours

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#2024: OM 2008.9 messages frozen afer x hours
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 firstly I apologize for my ignorance. It seams that after a few hours, or
 when the first batter meter bar drops, the OM 2008.9  (also happened on
 the 2008.8 image) messages application freezes. SMS still works, because I
 am able to still receive messages. However, there is no way to end the
 process, and as far as I know the only work around is to restart the

 It is easy to recreate (at least for me). All you have to do is, have an
 sms conversation that spans an hour or so (suspend enabled or not) and
 when the first battery meter bar drops, there will be a beep that a
 message was received, but it does not ask if you would like to view the
 message as it normally does. So after starting the Messages application,
 one can see that there is a message, but the application is now frozen and
 you must restart to get it working again (or kill via command line, i am

 It seams that after another batter meter bar is gone, so about 50% batter
 life remaining, messages now works reliably again.

 image being used


 (sorry i don't know enough to further describe the situation)

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