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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Thanks for the hints Mark.

|> I think it would be nice if the PCF50633 driver (~2700 lines) could
|> be broken down into its functional parts, e.g., regulators, RTC,
|> charger, and so on, also because this would make it clearer which
|> part needs which API. For example, the regulators don't care about
|> RTC, yet they "see" the API because they're in the same file with
|> the RTC part.
| FWIW the current trend for these highly integrated chips is to ship a
| core driver in drivers/mfd (often not actually using the framework for
| I2C devices) then hang other drivers off this one.

It makes sense, Harald did this unto Glamo too.

Werner, how do you feel about guiding and helping Balaji with that?
It's not simple but it is largely rearrangement and adaptation of known
working stuff (so it is testable stage by stage), you are already
familiar with it, and it is towards upstream that you are interested in.

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