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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I'm sure it's good code, and I'm sure you've taken care that it will
| continue to run when there's no memory left, or when other common
| resources are exhausted, or access to them is locked up, and I'm sure
| it's statically linked to protect from package corruption --  but it's
| still user-space, and I'm quite certain there are still failure modes
| where it will die along with all userspace, when a simple bit of kernel
| code can still quite capably run.

Yes, userspace brings dependencies on rootfs IO error, OOM killer,
signals, other kernel subsystems that can permanently block it, etc that
are not present in kernel code alone.  Mostly it's not a real
consideration if numptyphysics or the calculator blows up under these
extremities but if the code is considered that critical...

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