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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi Harald -

|> Sorry, never used it, no idea.  U-Boot support for anything is pretty
|> much deprecated since we plan to do stuff once in Linux only going on.
| nevertheless, there are existing customers/users and projects that
[want to]
| use the existing and deployed devices that ship with u-boot.
| If it is still not resolved, I will look at this issue once I've
returned from
| the netfilter developer summit.  I am confident to be able to provide
a fix
| until Sunday, October 05.

Sounds great.

|> You can read the factory partition while in Linux, it's way easier.
| (I have to mention that I know Francesco as well as the project he's
| on).  He needs to determine the IMEI in the bootloader for the
security related
| project.  Obtaining it from the GSM modem in passthrough mode was
working on
| GTA01, and it should also work on GTA02.  I would definitely prefer
this method
| to reading files from the factory partition, since the latter could be
| corrupted in some worst-case scenario.
| Since the factory partition was introduced after I left Openmoko, and
I don't
| have any device that actually has a factory partition, I cannot
provide any
| hint on how to access it from u-boot itself.
| I'll try to get my hands on a GTA02 out of mass production and see
what we can
| do, though.

Well thanks for looking at it, the deal is it is a small ext2 filesystem
directly in a NAND partition.  Recent U-Boot can parse ext2 OK, so all
it should take is the right syntax for the partition in U-Boot speak and
then the normal ext2 stuff in U-Boot should work.

- -Andy
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