AR6000 netif_queue_stop non stop, Bug?

dongas dongas86 at
Wed Apr 1 04:51:40 CEST 2009

2009/3/31 Ivan Petrov <ivan_p at>:
> About this... After work, I will prepare patch (from my experemental src),
> for testing queue reducted to 1 item. I'am already sent it to Dongas for
> testing few days ago,
I'm sorry to let you down, Ivan.
I'm still truggling with the issue i encounterred that ar6000 driver
hanged on the probe stage which i formerly posted
in the Openmoko's list.
I tried your patch but it seems not relevant, still failed as before.
After digging in the code i found it failed to get the commad credits
by reading the CONUTER_DEC register fo wifi card
to do BMI request.
It looks have relationship with HW of AR6000 chipset.
I'm trying to read the AR6001 datasheet&programmer's guide to get the
reason out.



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