Patch AR6000

Ivan Petrov ivan_p at
Thu Apr 2 10:35:36 CEST 2009

Dear Werner,

>> Asynchronous SDIO stack with working driver attached.
> I'd suggest you send the MMC changes to Pierre Ossman
> <drzeus-mmc at>, the MMC/SD/SDIO maintainer and ask for
> his opinion. He hangs out mainly on the linux-arm-kernel list,
> so perhaps just post it there.

Before write to Pierre, need add one part - cleaning packet queue at host/buss/driver stopping.
While w/o ideas, how it make right, becouse SDIO stack not have any flow control mechanism.
The best point to add it: mmc_stop_host, mmc_suspend_host but one problem present, one packet always can be in transfer state, i.e. 
already removed from queue but processed at stoping moment.

Any ideas?

Regards, Ivan. 

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