GSM call during suspend

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at
Fri Apr 3 14:00:10 CEST 2009


Mark Brown wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 11:21:00AM +0100, Michael Trimarchi wrote:
>> Mark Brown wrote:
>>> This is a substantial task which needs to be done at at least the
>>> subsystem level rather than in the individual drivers.
>> So change the audio susbsystem to provide an high hirarchical tree on  
>> how the components
>> are connected and register and some methond to avoid suspend of an  
>> entire subpart during
>> suspend.
> Yes, exactly.  ASoC already has a full map of the audio subsystem, the
> trick is in configuring this behaviour and in interacting with the rest
> of the world.  It may, for example, be possible to abuse the wakesource
> APIs for this.
The idea is to hack the pm_suspend part. Add two sysfs function that 
when is called
on a device, the disable all the subtree of that device follow its 
childs too.

acquire the lock on pm_list
check if it's possible to remove the device (no if a pm_suspend is in 
move the element from one list to the deactivate list
release the lock on it

At the end the pm_list does't contains the device and the element when 
the system go
to suspend the device are up.


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