Openmoko kernel situation

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Apr 3 16:25:28 CEST 2009

Now that the genie has left the bottle, let me outline what will happen
on the kernel side:

According to my sources, Openmoko will continue to support kernel
maintenance and contribution to upstream. Nelson will be in charge of

Although I've joined the ranks of former Openmoko employees as of this
month, I'll still tie up a few loose ends on AR6k, and I'll support
Nelson on the reorganization of the branches and the next merge from

Some people disagree with Openmoko's reversal of ambition, and I am
among them. I believe that the GTA03 project could still yield viable
products, and I plan to help to advance kernel support to the point
where the subsystems that can be tested on the prototype hardware made
so far work properly. Whether this will ever become more than a hobby
project depends on whether someone can be found who is willing to pick
up where Openmoko has dropped the ball.

For convenience, I'll continue using the address for a
while (as far as I know, Openmoko doesn't mind), but please understand
that this doesn't mean that Openmoko Inc. endorses my further
ramblings ;-)

- Werner

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