Openmoko kernel situation

Nelson Castillo arhuaco at
Sat Apr 4 02:29:21 CEST 2009

> According to my sources, Openmoko will continue to support kernel
> maintenance and contribution to upstream. Nelson will be in charge of
> this.

"In charge" means that now I will be doing time-consuming things (such
as help preparing patches for upstream). Now we will need more help
from the community for patch review. I will also apply community
patches and get the blame if things break.

Fortunately thanks to all the work OM and people from the community
have been doing over the years (a lot of people) there is a nice
kernel support now. Now we have to find a way to keep this code fresh
and at the same time provide a stable kernel that make distributors

I really hope we get to have basic GTA02 support in mainline kernel
soon since this is really important for long term support of the

> Although I've joined the ranks of former Openmoko employees as of this
> month

Not working with Andy and not working with you is bad news to me. I've
learned a lot of things from both of you in the past months. Not much
I can say or do now other than help keeping the code you wrote

> I'll still tie up a few loose ends on AR6k, and I'll support
> Nelson on the reorganization of the branches and the next merge from
> upstream.

Thanks a lot for your email. I really wanted to know what were going
to happen and what you were planning to do.

Werner and I optimized a touchscreen filter (group filter) during an
informal discussion (in half an hour?) and now it should use 50% less
points to do noise filtering in a similar way. We removed a call (to
"sort") that upstream didn't like. This is a patch that should be
coming soon. It was very nice to work with you.

> For convenience, I'll continue using the address for a
> while (as far as I know, Openmoko doesn't mind), but please understand
> that this doesn't mean that Openmoko Inc. endorses my further
> ramblings ;-)

I hope you can keep commit access to the kernel repository also.

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