SD card instability with the new kernels

Dima Kogan dkogan at
Sat Apr 4 12:48:36 CEST 2009


I'm seeing low-level kernel errors when doing anything SD card intensive on
recent kernels. These errors always make the SD card unusable until a reboot,
and sometimes corrupt the lcd with garbage. The video corruption doesn't crash
the system, and the screen redraws fine. I store my maps on the SD card, so I
see this failure often when using tangogps. The failure can also be reproduced
reliably running a fsck on the SD card. After a few minutes of fscking, the card
dies as described. I'm attaching the kernel log from one such failure.

I built and tested some kernels from the repo. It worked as of the Dec 4 commit;a=commit;h=f1e6e9204ab03f140abe71c701d79728ae9a0baf

and was broken by the Jan 28 commit;a=commit;h=302131b55d1f922fe73b238202795a4cd4537ad3

I realize this is a very wide window, but I couldn't find buildable versions
near points where glamo things changed. Any ideas? Can somebody reproduce this
by doing a fsck with a recent kernel?

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