[AR6000] Openmoko driver for OMAP3 ( TI )

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Mon Apr 6 10:35:07 CEST 2009


OMAP3 wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> First of all, I'm all new in Linux kernel developer's community, so please try not to through me out like you would do with your stinky socks :)
> I am currently working on the OMAP3 EVM Board from TI, trying to setup the AR6k SDIO WLAN card.
> The kernel I'm using is 2.6.28, and I want to use the AR6k driver from CardAccess without the PNP, and with the Linux SDIO stack.
> I saw that openmoko did the job, so I downloaded and patched the version 2 of AR6k driver ( http://svn.openmoko.org/developers/sameo/patches/ar6k-atheros-2.0/2.6.24/ ), and then applied Werner's patches ( http://svn.openmoko.org/developers/werner/wlan-spi/patches/ ).
> Of course, I only applied patches which are not related to S3C/GTA02. So, the patches I applied are these :
> - hif-linux-sdio.patch
> - ar6k-without-sdio.patch
> - sdio-f0-unrestrict.patch
> So now, here are the results when starting Linux :
> mmc0: new SDIO card at address 0001
> eth0: link down
> ar6000_available
> BMI Get Target Info: Exit (ver: 0x1301000e type: 0x1)
> Block Size Set: 128 (target address:0x8000066C)
> ar6000_init() Got WMI @ 0xc71811c0.
> Sending DHCP requests .<7>mmci-omap-hs mmci-omap-hs.0: mmc0: CMD53, argument 0x1
> 4080010
> eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x83E1
>  Timeout waiting for recv message
>  Target Not Available!!
> ar6000_avail: register_netdev failed
> +ar6000_destroy
> ar6000_destroy(): WMI not ready 0xc73c0380 0xc71811c0
> ar6000_destroy(): Shut down WMI
>  Attempting to reset target on instance destroy....
> .<7>mmci-omap-hs mmci-omap-hs.0: IRQ Status is 2
> -ar6000_destroy
> Therefore, I have several questions :
> - Is openmoko community ONLY interested in Samsung's platform ? I mean, does the feedback I could give you for TI's platform would interest openmoko ?
> - Could I get some help from openmoko community to get the Atheros driver work on OMAP3 ?
> - Do you think openmoko's AR6k driver and Werner's patches can fit my platform easily ?
> - And finally ... does anyone has any idea about the reason of my issue when loading the AR6K driver ?
Personally I'm interested in, and I'm writing a new cleanup code for 
ar6k driver in my
spare time. I will test it on openmoko gta02, but having an other 
develop board can be

> Thanks, and sorry if I'm not allowed to post here :)

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