GTA02 hang on resume wto VT switch

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Mon Apr 6 15:13:43 CEST 2009

Probably someone has an idea about that one...

I recompiled my kernel without console VT support (I do not need it
since I cannot read the small font rushing by anyway). This also has the
side effect that the kernel does not switch to a text VT upon suspend
and thus also not vom VT back to X on resume (which I also like since it
gives a better UI impression - push the power button it "just switches
off", push again and it is instantaniously back where it left).

The effect I do see then is that suspend works, resume works almost but
the system is pretty much dead after the backlight comes back on and the
GUI screen is displayed again. So I see the GUI picture but no
touchscreen, no USB networking, no charger LED going on upon USB
connection, etc. I would suspect a kernel panic briefly after resume. I
do not have a debug board hooked up to my GTA02 so I cannot use the
serial console (at least now).
If noone has an idea about the reason I might still open the Freerunner
and attach the debug board and try again with serial console. But I
would like to avoid it if possible...

  nils faerber

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