AR6000 driver failed on probe stage

dongas dongas86 at
Wed Apr 8 11:59:39 CEST 2009

2009/4/7 Ivan Petrov <ivan_p at>:
> I was have similar problem at start of driver port to AT91SAM9260, problem
> was in SDIO_IRQ suport for my CPU in 4wire mode.
> First, try turn off MMC_CAP_SDIO_IRQ in you MMC host controller. In this
> case IRQ state will request every 10ms. Posible it help you.
>> - mmc->caps = MMC_CAP_SDIO_IRQ;
>> + mmc->caps = 0; // MMC_CAP_SDIO_IRQ;

Bit unlucky on me. :-(
I have tried this method but the same issue still existed.

I double-checked the ar6000 driver's initialization process, as i
know, before the driver hanged
it only had done a few things as following steps:
1. enable sdio wifi function with CMD52
2. set function block size to 128 with CMD52
3. enable sdio irq with CMD52 (if turn it on)
4. disable ar6000 interrupts with CMD53
We have connected a logic analyzer to host to check that all above
CMD/DATA were sent successful.
So it seems not cause by some failure during the ar6000 driver initialization.
5. try to get BMI command credits by reading COUNTER_DEC register
AR6000 driver hanged on this step where it was trying to read a BMI
command credit from CONUTER_DEC register, but it alway got a NULL
(The accurate addres the driver read is 0x450 which is calculated by
the following method defined in bmi.c

Do you know why the content of CONUTER_DEC register of wifi card is alway 0?
In other words, why the target hasn't provided this initial command
credits for host?

Any one has any idea on this issue?
Your advice will be highly apprecaited.


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> 2009/3/28 dongas <dongas86 at>:
>> After digging into the code, i found that in bmiBufferSend function in
>> bmi.c,
>> the driver will try to repeatly read the COUNT_DEC register of the
>> card  until the register value read back is Non-zero and then the
>> following
>> steps can go on.
>> But the value returned from register was alway zero , so ar6000 driver
>> hanged there and keeped doing almost the infinit loop
>> reading&checking.
>> Why the driver can not read a non-zero value from COUNT_DEC register
>> as it wanted?
> After debugging i found that the ar6000 driver failed when it was
> trying to read target version via BMI request of ar6000 in the routine
> BMIGetTargetInfo because it was unable to get a BMI command credit(by
> reading CONUTER_DEC register) for the next BMI request according to
> the BMI flow control.
> I think if the target(ar6000) initialized successful before after the
> host enabled it, the target should have initially provided one command
> credit to host according to the datasheet, but it hadn’t. (if wrong
> pls correct me )
> (The target is enabled by the CMD52 to write to ENABLE BIT of CCCR
> register of card.
> Once the target is enabled, it executes firmware that initializes SoC
> and software states.)
> So the driver repeatly tried to get this command credit and hanged there.
> I went through some ar6001 related specs/documents, but still havn't
> got the key of this issue that why the target failed to provided one
> command credit to after it was enabled by host?
> I guess the target failed to initailize itself or worked inproperly
> but don't know which reason might cause it failed.
> Now only one thing i can make sure is that wifi card is on I/O Ready
> state after host enables it by checing CCCR register.
> Any ideas about this issue?
> Thanks
> Regards
> Dongas

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