[M800] Touchscreen filters are not working

morphis ml at gravedo.de
Wed Apr 8 12:52:16 CEST 2009


I am currently working on the kernel for the gnufiish project
(http://gnufiish.org). There we discovered some misterious manner of the
new touchscreen filters.

We synced our filter configuration with the configuration of GTA02 and
have the manner that everytime over /dev/input/touchscreen0 an input
event is reported after a first touch on the screen, even if there is no
pressure on the touchscreen. The reported touch event was always a
pressed one in the top left corner (so it seems, that the ts never leave
the pressed state).

We first disabled all touchscreen filters and the manner was still
there, but it disappeared when we only disabling the group filter and
let all other filters there. Our current solution is not to use the
group filter.

I hope someone who is familiar with the new touchscreen filters can help us.

-- morphis

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