[AR6000] Openmoko driver for OMAP3 ( TI )

dongas dongas86 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 19:26:09 CEST 2009

2009/4/8 Michael Trimarchi <trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it>:
> Sorry again,
> I have a bit differnt code, do you pass the GetTargetInfo call,
> if not can you print the entire credit. Credit is a four byte, maybe depend
> in how the spi is configured MSB etc and the bus width. So it arrives but it
> is invalid

Sorry about my careless.
I think i have posted a wrong link.
My issue is here:
However, it's a bit similar with OMAP3's issue.
(If possible could you post in above thread?)

I think i'm using the same code as you which is from Openmoko's lastest
kernel 2.6.29.
The issue is that ar6000 driver never passed the GetTargetInfo call.
I'm sure that the Credit value read in host driver in low level is 0.
So it will not cause by the "& 0xff".

I don't konw why it's alway 0.
Any ideas?



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