[M800] Touchscreen filters are not working

morphis ml at gravedo.de
Mon Apr 13 20:36:29 CEST 2009

On 13.04.2009 20:26, Nelson Castillo wrote:
>> So the cursor moves up to top left corner while I am press one point of
>> the screen. Any hints which calibration of the filters is wrong?
> Morphis: Unless you are actually changing the default values of the
> "linear" filter via sysfs the calibration of the TS does not depend on
> the filters. I guess you can look for the problem somewhere else :-)
> From the output you sent it seems the reported events are stable.
> Have you run a TS calibration for your device?

Jepp, I have. Calibration with stylus and with finger, both times the
same results. I have done the calibration by deleting the
/etc/pointercal and then run the x calibration tool to generate a new

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